Food Delivery During the Pandemic: Is It Safe?

If you’re still under quarantine and staying home more often as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, you might be wondering: Can I still order food delivery or takeout? And is it safe? As America’s doors begin to reopen for businesses, restaurants in several states have started to reopen for indoor dining. States such as Connecticut and New Mexico are serving outdoors only, while restaurants in New York City and Los Angeles allow no seated service at all. In most places, takeout and delivery are still the most popular and convenient option for those who would rather not cook during the COVID-19 pandemic. That being said – many questions remain about the risk of online ordering, whether it’s takeout or delivery. 

Takeout or Deliver?

There’s very little evidence of transmission by surfaces, and there’s no evidence that the virus is transmitted by food. The safest choice is avoiding contact with other people. Both takeout and delivery are lower in risk than eating out, because you tend not to be around others for long periods of time. Delivery is slightly safer because of contactless delivery, which lets workers leave food at your door. You can also choose contactless drop off to avoid any contact with your delivery person.

Since the ordering and payment are done electronically, customers and workers never need to touch. If the restaurant you’re ordering from doesn’t offer delivery, takeout is still a relatively safe option. But the proximity of other customers who are waiting for their food, may pose a hazard. Whether you choose takeout or delivery, it’s safest to do so online, as you can do it electronically – which will keep both you and the staff safer.

What About Packaging?

Great news – packaging has an extremely low risk of being able to be contaminated. There is currently no evidence that the novel coronavirus can be transmitted through food or food packaging, according to the CDC, although germs are known to live on surfaces for up to nine days. That means you also don’t have to worry too much about anyone transmitting it to you via your food. 

This is particularly true for cooked foods. If food is handled properly, there should be little chance of an issue. The bigger potential problem is transmitting the coronavirus from delivery person to customer, or vice versa, through coughing, vaporized air particles or other direct contact. If you want to take extra care, wipe down the packages with a disinfectant and recycle the bags. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with hot water and soap, then transfer the food to a plate.

What Holy Schnitzel Is Doing to Stay Safe

At Holy Schnitzel, we are taking the utmost caution to ensure your safety and satisfaction during this difficult time. We are actively taking precautions to ensure our restaurants are always being sanitized. Our team is equipped with masks, gloves and we are sanitizing our work areas every hour to ensure the safety of our team and our patrons. We have a variety of delicious dishes from burgers, wraps, salads and more available for takeout and delivery. 

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