Legendary Chicken Schnitzel Right Here in New York City

Have you ever had the opportunity to visit Israel? If you have, you’ll know it’s a heavenly kosher food experience, pun very much intended. It’s not just the plethora of kosher ingredients that makes Israel such a great place for kosher foods. Israel and the surrounding region have long been an exchange point for civilizations the world over.

While there are many, many great foods to be had in Israel, one of the most popular and beloved is the simple but always delicious chicken schnitzel.

While schnitzel actually originated in Austria, it’s now one of the most popular foods in Israel. Schnitzel can be made with a wide range of meats, including veal, beef, pork, turkey, and mutton. However, in Israel, chicken schnitzel remains the most popular.

At first glance, chicken schnitzel might not seem all too fancy. Is it really any different from fried chicken? The answer is yes. To learn why, let’s look at how chicken schnitzel is made.

How Chicken Schnitzel Is Made

First, you’re going to need some premium kosher chicken and a mallet. Next, you’re going to use that mallet to pound the chicken until it’s just a quarter of an inch thick. (Consider putting plastic wrap between the chicken and the mallet.)

Once the chicken is properly tenderized, you’re going to take the chicken, dip it into flour, then beat eggs, breadcrumbs, and finally your own special mix of spices. Yes, we’re being a bit vague at this point. Sorry, we can’t give away our secret recipes.

There’s a reason Holy Schnitzel has become perhaps the most popular schnitzel in New York City. Actually, there are plenty of reasons, but our own recipes are certainly among the most important.

After your schnitzel is properly coated, you’ll cook it in oil heated to 375 degrees F in a skillet. Usually, you’ll cook the chicken for about 3 to 4 minutes per side.

Chicken Schnitzel Dos and Don’ts

Cooking decent chicken schnitzel isn’t rocking science, although cooking great chicken schnitzel does take a practiced hand. We’re not going to give away every secret to making great schnitzel, but we’ve got some tips everyone, including those practiced hands, should follow.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t skip the mallet. That’s just amateurish and is guaranteed to mess up your schnitzel.
  • Don’t use low grade chicken. Stick with premium kosher.
  • Don’t overcook your schnitzel.
  • Don’t use cheap oil.

And The Dos

  • Do experiment with making your own breadcrumbs.
  • Do make sure the chicken is fully cooked.
  • Do be careful when cooking with hot oils.

Schnitzel and Your Health

We won’t lie and proclaim that chicken schnitzel is the healthiest food ever. However, compared to many other fried foods, it’s pretty healthy. This is especially true if you use kosher chicken, as kosher foods are generally cleaner and of a higher quality than many non kosher foods.

You can make your schnitzel even healthier by discarding skin, using high quality oils, and pressing away excess oils after cooking. Using less flour and breadcrumbs will also reduce the calorie count.

Best Sauces to Go With Your Schnitzel

Honestly, chicken schnitzel goes well with a huge range of sauces. It really comes down to your personal tastes. Some popular options for our NYC customers include Asian sesame, cilantro-lime, balsamic vinaigrette, hummus, jalapeno mustard, and chimichurri. If none of those appeal to your taste buds, go with what you love most.

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