Organize Your Kitchen While in Quarantine: Our Favorite Tips

Chances are, being quarantined is making you feel like you finally have all the time in the world. If you’ve searched endlessly for matching Tupperware lids, been unable to find pantry items or struggle to keep the kitchen looking decent, then it might be time to give your kitchen some much-needed attention. Despite what many people think, you don’t need tons of space to have a functional kitchen – it’s about organizing and making use of the space you already have! You also don’t need a major overhaul to banish clutter and become organized – just a few handy tips and tricks to get you started. Here’s what we suggest to optimize your space and get a functional kitchen space you actually enjoy being in!

Take Everything Out… Literally

To start, it’s important to see every item that’s in your kitchen and see whether it’s really something you need or not. A great place to start is to pull it all out and assess the damage! Think about each item: is it necessary? Does it work? Do I love it? This step can be really hard but consider the goals – to have a functional space, to have as clear a counter as possible, and to actually enjoy being in the kitchen. Once you’ve gone through your items, you should have a keep section, a toss section and a donate section.

Deep Clean Everything

Because you have everything out of your cabinets and drawers, this is the perfect time to give everything a good wipe down. You’d be surprised how great that will feel, especially when you go to put everything back in its place. Giving your kitchen a thorough cleaning will also give you a great chance to give a second look on which items you want to keep. Not only that, but you can finally start to organize your items in which piles go in certain places in the kitchen.

Now that you’ve established which items go where, think about how you position them. Keep items you use the most at eye level and the items that see a little less use further away or up higher. Remember – if you can’t easily see or access something, the less likely you are to use it. Another great tip to keep your kitchen looking clean and organized is using special utensil containers for your silverware – this keeps your drawers from looking messy and disorganized. 

Show Your Pantry Some Love Too

Same goes for the pantry! Start by removing everything from the pantry, checking expiration dates, and wiping down the shelves before following these pantry organization tips. Make sure to throw out everything that’s expired, as this will only take up more room in your pantry. The key to keeping an organized pantry is to check in a few times a year to assess its contents. Old ingredients need to be tossed, dust and spills need to be taken care of, and you may find yourself reorganizing from time to time. Having a few checkups a year will mean you may never have to completely clean out your pantry again.

Consider unloading cereals, baking goods, pasta and grains into clear containers. You’ll have more room, your pantry will look more organized, your foods will have a longer shelf life and you’ll actually be able to see everything! Position things you use the most, like cereal, where it’s easiest to reach. Don’t forget to group similar items together! This will keep you from looking for your pantry items. Another great trick to knowing what’s what in your pantry is labeling your jars – this is a simple, neat and attractive way to organize your pantry. Don’t wait to have a beautiful kitchen: take advantage of the time you have during quarantine to get the kitchen of your dreams today!

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