Summertime Picnics: What to Pack for a Memorable Time

Now that summer is officially here, it’s time to hit the outdoors! Planning a summertime picnic is quite the task – not only do you have to plan what you’re going to bring, but you also have to figure out how to get it to your destination. You need to plan carefully, as you won’t be able to rush into your house to get out that knife you need for your charcuterie board or that bottle opener you need for your beverage. If you’re organized and have a list of what to bring, your picnic will be a refreshing change instead of heading to your dining room for once. Curious on what to bring on your picnic? Here’s what you’ll need to make it a memorable one:

A Picnic Basket

Whether it’s a basket, a tote bag or something else, you need something to carry the food, the drinks, plates and cups. If your picnic food isn’t perishable and you will be driving your car close where you’ll be having your picnic, a traditional picnic basket will be perfect. If you plan to hike to your destination, a backpack will be your best option instead of a picnic basket. If you’re bringing along a lot of food and beverages that need to stay chilled, a cooler may be your best bet.

Something to Sit On

Unless you’re planning your picnic in a place that has picnic tables waiting for you – bring a blanket to sit and eat on. You don’t need a special picnic blanket: you can use anything like an old comforter, a tablecloth, or even a bed sheet if you don’t have any other option. If you have summertime picnics often, it might be worth it to invest in a special picnic blanket, which is waterproof on one side to prevent moisture from the ground leaking through.

Don’t Forget the Glassware & Tableware

If you really wanted to, you could just eat your sandwich straight out the ziplock bag –  but then this wouldn’t make your picnic special at all. It’s crucial to pack the right tableware for your picnic, as this will make a huge difference. Depending on what food you decide to bring and where you decide to picnic, your table settings could be as casual as paper plates, cups, utensils, and paper napkins, or you could use fancy teacups, porcelain plates, silverware, and cloth napkins. A great tip to keep your glassware from breaking is to wrap it in your cloth napkins or even your blanket.

Corkscrew or Bottle Opener

This is definitely one thing you don’t want to forget – if your picnic includes a bottle of wine, fancy sparkling water, or any other drink that requires more than your bare hands to open, remember to pack the appropriate tool for opening them.

Cutting Board and Knife

Pack a cutting board and knife for cheese, charcuterie, fruit, vegetables, or bread. A great way to make sandwiches for your summertime picnic is to prepare them at your location. This way, your bread won’t get soggy, you can make your sandwich just the way you like it, and you’ll only need to chill the ingredients that need to be chilled instead of the entire sandwich.

Ice Packs or Thermos

Keep your food at the temperature it should be at by packing ingredients with enough ice to keep it chilled until served. That being said, if you bring hot drinks or soup to your picnic, use a thermos to keep it warm. Stay safe and keep your food from potentially spoiling by following these steps – your stomach will thank you later!

Trash Bags

Your picnic spot may not have a trash bin, so bring along trash bags for any food waste or disposable items. Also, bring an additional bag for your dirty tableware and glasses to keep your picnic basket from getting dirty. Remember to take all of your trash with you when you leave.

Make It Extra Special

Your picnic location may have enough scenery to create a picnic mood, but if you want to make it extra special or aesthetically pleasing, you might want to bring along flowers, candles, and a lighter. First, check for fire restrictions in the park or natural area so you keep yourself and the surrounding area safe. If you do light candles, be very careful to keep the flame contained and put it out completely before you pack up to go home. Don’t forget to take pictures!

What Foods to Pack

Wondering what foods to bring? When you’re picnicking, it’s best to bring food you can eat with your hands, like sandwiches or a wrap. If that’s not what you’re in the mood for, a delicious salad is definitely the way to go! At Holy Schnitzel, our incredible kosher foods are the perfect summertime picnic option. Take any of our wraps, sandwiches, salads or burgers to bring along to your next picnic!

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