Two siblings had a dream. Sivan and Ofeer Benaltaba wanted to shakeup the fast food industry by offering kosher food that truly tastes amazing and eaten by people short on time. More than “just” fantastic schnitzels, burgers, and other fine Kosher foods, the Benaltaba’s also wanted to offer an environment that was truly welcoming and enjoyable.

Before Holy Schnitzel, Staten Island (and most of the rest of the world!) simply lacked variety when it came to top-notch kosher fast food the whole family can enjoy. Holy Schnitzel, however, offers highly praised, affordable and healthy kosher food. As a result, Holy Schnitzel has been such a smashing success, and has already expanded to four locations, with more franchisee locations on the way.

Holy Schnitzel isn’t just for people who are “Keepin’ it Kosher”. Anyone who appreciates excellent Burgers, Popcorn Chicken, Falafel, or other delicious options will love our restaurant. When it comes to kosher ingredients, we never skimp on quality, and we treat each of our guests as family.

About Our Food

Healthy, hearty, made fresh daily, and 100% percent kosher, our menu can satisfy the tastes of the entire family. We have a wide variety of Salads, Sandwiches, Paninis, Falafels, Burgers, Wraps, and more. Our popular Popcorn Chicken and Chicken Fingers have emerged as local favorites as well. Our customizable Salads are a favorite, and we also offer other vegetarian options as well.

We keep it kosher, and we keep it fresh. We also pack our foods with flavor and our customers frequently remark how our food stands out even in the crowded fast food market. Delicious Kosher Bacon, Spicy Israeli Pickles, and our famous Cornflake Chicken means you can mix things up and try some food with a real local flare.

Do you love sauces? If yes, then you need to try our 25 different sauces and endless combinations of taste and flavors. Start with our Holy Sauce, then try our Chimichurri Sauce, Asian Sesame, and much more. We have several tasty mayo sauces, including Spicy, Garlic, and Jalapeño mayo.

When is the best time to swing by for some of our kosher foods? Any time! We offer great food all day long. All of our locations deliver and provide catering service.

Why Everyone Should Keep It Kosher

Even if you’re not religiously compelled to eat kosher food, you should. Why? Our kosher fast foods are made from the highest quality ingredients. Kosher beef, chicken, and other meats are cleaner than your average super market fare. Further, kosher requirements ensure that animals are treated and culled properly.
It’s not just about the kosher meats, either. Vegetables are washed and inspected according to the highest standards. At Holy Schnitzel, all vegetables are washed multiple times and special vegetable soaps are used. Cooking equipment must be kept immensely clean and uncontaminated.

Over all, kosher foods are clean and closely inspected. Consider this: it is absolutely forbidden for insects to get into kosher foods. At Holy Schnitzel, we also use fluorescent lights to ensure no insects are present. Our suppliers are just as strict. Continuous inspections mean that the risk of insect contamination is held to a bare minimum.
Holy Schnitzel is under strict supervision of the Vaad of Staten lsland, Rabbi Chait. A member of the Vaad makes daily visits to the restaurant making sure all the products that we use are under the right Kashrus. Along with daily visit by the Vaad of Staten lsland. We have trained Mashgichlm on premises at all times watching over and making sure everything is in order and follows the law of Kashrus.

Sivan Benaltaba
“I want to cook for the rest of my life. I love it… and I love to see the reaction of my famished customers as soon as they’re done eating a meal, with big, satisfied smiles on their faces.”